Katharina Kohl: Personal-Befragung. Blickraum Innere Sicherheit

Katharina Kohl

Personal-Befragung / Blickraum Innere Sicherheit


Questioning of the Personnel / Inner Security’s Space

February 9th – April 21st 2018


Katharina Kohl, Ausstellungsansicht Personalbefragung in der galerie postel 2018

exhibition view at galerie postel, February 2018

Working on the portrait series “Questioning the Personnel” took Katharina Kohl five years. Forty portraits were included in the series – far more painted – all of people employed by the German state who were involved in the investigations into the murders committed by a Nazi terror group known as the NSU (Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund). The result is a complex analysis of different characters, structures of networks and institutions installed to support the democracy.

In addition to the presentation of the series in an archive-like installation further works relating to the same context or to Kohl’s portrait practice will be on show.

Katharina Kohl, Personal-Befragung: Das Personal der Inneren Sicherheit Drei Protagonisten: Engelke, Schwarz, Roewer.

Katharina Kohl, from the series “Personal-Befragung” (“Questioning the Personnel”): Hans-Georg Engelke, 2017, Felix Schwarz, 2013, Helmut Roewer, 2012