Richard Schur – Manhattan Stories

Richard Schur – Manhattan Stories

 April 24th to June 20th 2015



Richard Schur, „Party – from the Manhattan Series“, 2015

Dark compositions contrast with light colour arrangements of soft grey and warm yellow tonalities. Pastell tunes oppose bright flashes of vibrant colours that split the velvety black-and-blue compositions. Richard Schur’s latest paintings are influenced by the light and rhythm of life in Manhattan, New York. The pulsating nightlife, fierce cold and crystal winter light, the endless american landscapes influence his abstract colour compositions.

Subtle differences in tonalities transform into harmonies and moods. His geometric patterns appear to be clear cut lines and forms only on first sight. A closer look reveals irregularities, layers and transparencies that interrupt the seemingly clean forms.

Far from relying on mathematical principles Schur’s abstraction follows an emotional line: He draws from a pool of personal impressions, moods and impressions that manifest themselves in his composition. Such emotional landscapes find their way into Richard Schurs paintings weeks, sometimes months after the event in the intense process of painting in the confinement of the artists studio where the last touch to a painting is given sometimes years after its commencement.

The exhibition at gallery postel shows abstract compositions of inner landscapes that encompass an idea of life in the city of Manhattan.