Eduard Zent – Moderne | Tradition

Eduard Zent

Modernity | Tradition

12 Februar – 16 April 2016

exhibition opening 11 February 2016, 7 pm

Eduard Zent, Moderne Tradition, Saghana

Eduard Zent, Moderne Tradition, Viktoria

Modernity | Tradition is an award winning photograph series by Eduard Zent that shows young migrants in their country of origins traditional dress displaying accessories of their daily life in Germany. Their features delicately set themselves apart from the dark background of the photographs. Calmly they seem to rest in themselves with the traditional dress adding to an overall archaic impression. But the present live in Germany has left its imprint: iPads, tea bags and motorcycle helmets are witnesses of the daily act of balance the protagonists have to perform.

Associations with dutch baroque painting come to mind when viewing the subtle and aesthetically refined language Eduard Zent has chosen for his series. Begun as part of an BA thesis the photos won the Gute Aussichten – young German photography competition in 2014 and subsequently travelled the world with the exhibition displaying the award winning photographs. Since then the series has grown in number and is now for the first time ever in its current scope on display at gallery postel.

Eduard Zent, Baysaa, 2014

Eduard Zent, Tigran, 2015

Eduard Zent, Aziza, 2014

Eduard Zent, Yaani, 2014

Eduard Zent, Moh, 2015

Eduard Zent, Andrew, 2014

Eduard Zent, Timur, 2014