Ari Goldmann – Riots on the Roof

20 January – 17 March 2017


Exhibition opening on January 19th 2017

in the presence of the artist




Which historic events, which structures of human (inter)action form „Mankind“? Ari Goldmann is set on a search for iconographical traces of human actions which he analyses through his paintings. An exhibition of recent works by the artist is on show at galerie postel from January 20th until March 17th.

Images taken from news, literature or art history serve as a template for Ari Goldmanns paintings. By reducing them to their outlines Ari Goldmann transforms them into an abstraction of boldly coloured forms devided or by contrasting lines. Thereby implications of the images structure become apparent: Interrelations of persons, hierarchies, concepts of nation or intimacy. Goldmann reveals a timeless iconography of recurring motives of todays press photography and our collective memory.