Ari Goldmann – Mankind

Ari Goldmann, Große Nationen, 2013

Mankind: Title of a group of works by Ari Goldmann, and also a comment or definition of the structures that shape our society and state of being. What constitutes mankind? Which historic landmarks, which rules of human conduct and cohabitation? Ari Goldmann is set on a search of iconographic traces of human interaction which he analyses through his paintings.

Politics and media in their pursuit to transport messages and represent ideas draw on a set of symbolic gestures that form part of a common language of images. By this, some images became icons of their time. They stand as signets for a political development pointing beyond the event itself and their own existence. Some of the gestures and formations used in such images are part of a heritage going back until antiquity. By reducing images to their outlines Ari Goldmann lays open these gestures as core of the images‘ meaning and makes them visible to the viewer.

Ari Goldmann, Weltmeister (rot), 2014, Foto: Fred Dott

Ari Goldmann, Fechter, 2013

Ari Goldmann, BVB 2014, Foto: Fred Dott

Ari Goldmann, Wette, 2010

Ari Goldmann Friedensvertrag

Ari Goldmann_Krisenstag im weißen Haus

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