a glimpse of…

Kathrin Haaßengier, Simon Halfmeyer, Olaf Kreinsen and Eduard Zent

29 November 2015 – 30 Januar 2016

exhibiton opening 29 November, 11 am

Olaf Kreinsen, città eterna, Leonardo, 2013

Kathrin Haaßengier, Nopsion

Simon Halfmeyer, Modell 22, 2015

Photography, sculpture, wall objects – the exhibition „a glimpse of…“ shows works in different media and sheds some light on the latest developments in the works of some of the gallery’s artists: insect-like wire sculptures by Kathrin Haaßengier stir and send out light signals. Two series by Olaf Kreinsen not exhibited yet give unexpected insights in two cities – the serie „città eterna“ (2013) show the mystical side and the omnipresence of art of the eternal city of Rome, while „Schwarze Materie“ (black matter) transports the viewer into the 20s of the last century, an ethetic subtext underlying  Kreinsens photos of Vienna taken in 2015.

Simon Halfmeyer also takes part in the exhibition with new works after having created an exuberant urban jungle of wall drawings, sculptures and prints in the gallery in 2014. Last but not least Eduard Zent gives a preview of the solo exhibition coming up in February 2016. Two works from the award winning series „Moderne | Tradition“ will be on show with the complete series following in the solo exhibition, including the latest, hitherto not exhibited works. The images of individuals in the balancing act between two cultures: Wearing the costumes brought with them from their country of origin they display accessories from their everyday life in Germany of relevance to themselves. In their calm serenity and grandeur they, despite being photographs, are reminiscent of netherlandish baroque portrait painting.


Kathrin Haassengier, Dr. Williams

Kathrin Haaßengier, Dala, 2015

Kathrin Haaßengier, Lymphane (Edition) 2009


Simon Halfmeyer, Siebdruck gold, 2014

Simon Halfmeyer, Triptychon gelb, 2015

Simon Halfmeyer, Modell 14, 2015


Olaf Kreinsen, Giordano, 2013

Olaf Kreinsen, città eterna, Madonna, 2013

Olaf Kreinsen, città eterna, Biancheria, 2013


Eduard Zent, Moderne Tradition, Saghana

Eduard Zent, Moderne Tradition, Viktoria