Helga Weihs – TRAJEKT

 25 September – 14 November 2015

Helga Weihs, 7 Wände (Ausschnitt), 2005, Holz/Stahl

„TRAJECT“ Helga Weihs has named the exhibition which like a net encompasses works from various periods and styles. Sculptures, architectural installations, wall objects, film projection, and graphic works determine space and the body. Her abstract constructions are made of wood. With delicate subtlety she applies distinct color hues of exotic varieties of timber. The rhythm of wood colors and individual elements structure the works, forming lines and emphasizing details. With subtle intuition Weihs shows respect for the haptic qualities of her material and its history. Richly luscious colors are intensified through the repeated application of oil and light as well as velvety surfaces are further enhanced by sanding to a delicate softness and ultimately left unfinished.

And what determines a work as autonomous? TRAJECT is a story of a coming of age. To Helga Weihs it means the transition from the subjective to the objective as well as the disengagement of prejudiced existence from the work. TRAJECT mediates between and interconnects the poles of the abstract and the concrete in Helga Weihs’s work.

Illustration: Helga Weihs, 7 WALLS, 2005 (detail), wood/steel. Photo: Jürgen Wittke