participating artists:

Selma Alaçam, Khaled Barakeh, Ari Goldmann, Sylvia Henze, Helga Weihs

exhibition opening Sept 8th, 7 pm

on show September 9th until October 28th 2017

Sylvia Henze, The Window, 2005

Sylvia Henze, The Window (photo), 2005

What defines a border? Where should its line be drawn and whos decision is it to take? How do we perceive borders and what effect do they have – on us, the individuals facing them or the space they define?

Some borders can be experienced physically by wire and weir systems. Others are often overlooked although they define our everyday lives. And some are transgressed on a daily basis without anyone noticing.

Khaled Barakeh, The Shake

Khaled Barakeh, The Shake, 2013

Helga Weihs, WO 8 1999

Helga Weihs, WO 8 1999

BORDERLINES exhibits works in different media, amongst which video, photography, installation, sculpture both manufactured or achieved via 3D-Scan, and painting. Selma Alaçam, Khaled Barakeh, Ari Goldmann, Sylvia Henze and Helga Weihs examine the idea of borders from different angles. A study in an idea not theoretical at all.

Ari Goldmann, Klitschko

Ari Goldmann, Klitschko, 2016

Selma Alaçam, Different Conditioning

Selma Alaçam, Different Conditioning, 2011