Pranjal Trivedi

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Pranjal Trivedi is a researcher in astrophysics and cosmology at the University of Hamburg, Hamburg Observatory. His focus is on the mystery of dark matter as well as understanding the origin of cosmic magnetic fields.

His recent work deals with astrophysical signatures and tests of a leading theory of dark matter – a new light particle called the axion. He is also working on the theory and simulations of primordial magnetic fields which could pervade our universe according to observations.

He grew up in Delhi, India, was an avid amateur astronomer and was educated at the Universities of Delhi, Cambridge, Caltech and was also a Fulbright fellow at Johns Hopkins. He taught physics at the University of Delhi before moving to Hamburg. He is passionate about teaching. His interests include art, history, climate and science communication.

In this project Pranjal creates a visualisation which is informed by his concerns on climate change and social justice. Bringing together elements from his scientific work and climate data, he invites a meditation on how the scope, scale and speed of changes to our planet impact our conception of the future.

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