Amer Al Akel, Ari Goldmann, Kathrin Haaßengier, Simon Halfmeyer, Fadi Al-Hamwi, Sylvia Henze, Katharina Kohl, Danijela Pivašević-Tenner, Razan Sabbagh, Richard Schur, Helga Weihs

exhibition opening 5 September 2020 at 6 pm

on show 5 September until 31 Oktober 2020

STATE OF THE ART is an online only exhibition. Two versions are on offer: A three-dimensional version that invites the visitor into a digital gallery space to explore the art “step by step”. The two-dimensional “onepager” offers further information on each work of art and artist: Exhibition texts, links to former exhibitions with the same artist and additional photos or videos. Clicking on an image will also activate videos or slideshows in the virtual space, but not for all works of art and not to the same extend as does the two-dimensional space. It might be worthwhile visiting both – enjoy!

Willkommen zur virtuellen Tour durch die Ausstellung!

Erleben Sie hier die Kunstwerke im dreidimensionalen Raum – und finden Sie weitere Informationen zu den Kunstwerken in unserem zweidimensionalen Ausstellungsspace!