Katharina Kohl: Personal-Befragung. Blickraum Innere Sicherheit

Katharina Kohl

Personal-Befragung / Blickraum Innere Sicherheit

(Questioning of the Personnel / Inner Security’s Image Space)

on display 9 February until 7 April 2018


Katharina Kohl, Ausstellungsansicht Personalbefragung in der galerie postel 2018


opening reception 8 February 2018, 7 pm

in the presence of the artist

with an introducition by journalist Birger Menke


For five years Katharina Kohl worked on a series of forty water colours concerning inner security’s personnel occupied with the murders committed by a National Socialist terror group in Germany. The recently completed  series is now on show for the first time in an installational exhibition at galerie postel.

Katharina Kohl, Personal-Befragung: Das Personal der Inneren Sicherheit Drei Protagonisten: Engelke, Schwarz, Roewer.

Katharina Kohl, aus der Serie „Personal-Befragung“: Hans-Georg Engelke, 2017, Felix Schwarz, 2013, Helmut Roewer, 2012