Katharina Kohl: Personal-Befragung. Blickraum Innere Sicherheit

Katharina Kohl

Personal-Befragung: Blickraum Innere Sicherheit


opening reception 8 February 2018, 7 pm in the presence of the artist

introduction: Birger Menke, journalist

on show 9 February to 7 April 2018

Katharina Kohl, Personal-Befragung: Das Personal der Inneren Sicherheit Drei Protagonisten: Engelke, Schwarz, Roewer.

Katharina Kohl, from the series „Personal-Befragung“: Hans-Georg Engelke, 2017, Felix Schwarz, 2013, Helmut Roewer, 2012

It took Katharina Kohl five years to complete a series of 40 water colours on the state personell involved in the investigations concerning a series of murders committed by a nazi terrorist group that styled themselves National Socialist Underground (NSU). The result of her intense studies is a multidimensional analysis of individuals, structures and the political system that will be presented for the first time in its completed state at galerie postel. In addition to the series the exhibition will display installations, other works related to the investigations into the NSU and water colours referring to Katharina Kohls method of exploring a persons presence in a portrait.