Katharina Kohl

Personalbefragung / Blickraum Innere Sicherheit

exhibition extended until 21 April

Discussion on the subject of Art and Democracy on April 5th, 7pm

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+++ discussion on art and democracy on April 5th, 7 pm +++

panel: Boran Burchhardt, Katharia Kohl, Lene Markusen

moderator: Dagrun Hintze

+++ free admission +++

Katharina Kohl, Ausstellungsansicht Personalbefragung in der galerie postel 2018

Katharina Kohl, Ausstellungsansicht in der galerie postel 2018

The 8th of February sees the opening of Katharina Kohl’s exhibition Personalbefragung / Blickraum Innere Sicherheit at galerie postel. The series amounts to a total of 40 watercolours that have been produced over a period of five years on the topic of inner security’s state personnel occupied with investigations into the NSU murders. It is for the first time that the series is presented in its completeness to the public.

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